Western Civilization Advantages

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Western civilization is said to be defined by www.dictionary.com as “the modern culture of Europe and North America; also, the study of this culture, ” (Dictionary.com's 21st Century Lexicon). Western civilization refers to a particular place in the world where history took place and the events that happened there. There are many reasons why the history that happened within Western Civilization is beneficial to students learning and understanding of the rest of the world. In order to understand and be educated about the civilization in which we currently live, we need to study the past civilizations that shaped and created what ours is as we know it today.
In Academic courses it’s sometimes argued that the need for studying Western Civilization
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The Greek city-states were republics, although the differences in wealth among citizens weren't very big, there was no king so the citizens did their own fighting. They didn’t need a bureaucracy and there was no separate caste of priests. Though what set them most apart was their view of the world. They were able to see the disjunctions and and make distinctions. The second major and unique piece about Western Civilization is what is know as the Judeo-Christian tradition. The religion of Christianity has its main roots in “Judaism, a religion that worshiped a single, all-powerful deity who is sharply separated from human beings, makes great moral demands upon them, and judges them all, even kings and emperors.” Christianity however started as a persecuted religion. It was a religion that “captured the Roman Empire only after centuries of hostility, and it never entirely lost its original character as an insurgent movement, independent of the state and hostile to it, making claims that challenged the secular authority.” These are just two of so many major differences between Western Civilizations and other previous