Western front Essay

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Western Front
The western front was the name applied to the fighting zone in France and Flanders, where the British, French, Belgian and (towards the end of the war) the American armies faced that of Germany. The western front was invented by the Germans during the invading of Luxembourg and Belgium, then gaining control of some areas of France, yet was changed during the Battle of Marne, with the Allies victory. The western front is actually is a name gave to a series of trenches that ran 700km from the Belgium coast to the Swiss border. The line usually remained unchanged. The British held a small portion of this 400-mile long line, varying from some 20 miles in 1914 to over 120 early in 1918.

Both Sides, the central powers and the allied powers had dug trenches alongside the western front and they were only sometimes only a few metres apart yet it was the only protection from the gunfire’s yet they could never be safe from the murderous shells.
Between 1915-1917 there were several major attack on the front. The attacks faced lots of artillery and faced many infantry advances. However the attacking team also faced many gun shells and bombings. Due to that no advances were made. Among the most costly of these offensives were the Battle of Verdun with a combined 700,000 dead, the Battle of the Somme with more than a million casualties, and the Battle of Passchendaele with roughly 600,000 casualties.

Western front

A book based on the western front could be War House. Its captivating and thrilling tail entices us with what it really is like in the Western front; it also bases us on what it is like to