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Characteristic of Film Genre
Genre is any type of literature or other forms of art and entertainment that is identified by similarities in form, style, or content. Genres, and their relative acceptance at any given time are a function of current events and attitudes, fads, and other social phenomena, as well as, the current trends in the artist medium.
The defining American genre considered to be westerns. They were the first well­known type of movies. Westerns are characterized as classic plot elements such as cowboys, indians, outlaws, etc. The genre became less popular over the decades and have been refined and changed as well, but the layouts and plots have stayed the same.
True Grit has been made twice with only slight various in the two stories. The film’s main character is very flawed and these flaws are demonstrated early in the film to develop the character. A supporting protagonist is introduced that brings out the good qualities in the main character. The main character is then led to show both his warm and good qualities while using his flawed qualities to resolve the elements of the film. Although this formula of story development is not unique to western genre, the time periods and settings define it as western genre and western genre furthered this formula in the earlier days of film.

Similar to westerns, comedies gained popularity with audiences rapidly. Early slapsticks comedy styles and vaudeville stage acts catched on in silent films. Silent films paved the way for carefree, funny, embellished situations, relationships, and characters. Comedic subgenres were

developed over time including black and romantic comedies. Charlie Chaplin characters in silent films were satirical and timely, thus arousing the ire of important political entities.
The Great Dictator comedically took aim at Hitler and his treatment of the Jewish people at a time when Hitler was building his ruthless regime. These political messages could actually have put Chaplin in serious physical danger at that time. It was Chaplin’s way of making a political statement by using these skill