Western Massachusetts Teenage Substance Abuse Collation Essay

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Western Massachusetts Teenage Substance Abuse Collation
We are a non-profit community collation that seeks to recruit teens at risk of substance abuse disorders, connect youths at risk or connect those currently in the throes of active addiction and connect with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.
We offer an exception referral network of highly skilled clinicians to work on specific substance abuse related disorders that affect teenagers, and their family.
Full coordination of services.
Contact Us
Phone: 413-555-1212
Email: Helpmenow@gmail.org
Web: www.gethelp.org/drugaddiction

Western Mass Substance Abuse Collation

Teens at Risk

Is it “Normal” for my Child to experiment?
Alcohol is the substance abused most frequently by adolescents, followed by marijuana and tobacco. On average, on any given month 39 percent of high school seniors reported drinking some alcohol, almost 23 percent reported using marijuana, and 16 percent reported smoking cigarettes. . This estimate represents 6.3 percent of the population 12 years old and older.
Yes, Adolescents do experiment with Substances, but can develop into something much more serious.

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