Westlake Lanes Case Analysis Essay

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Key Issues

The key issue faced by general manager Shelby Givens of Westlake Lanes is whether or not to maintain the current practices of the business or seek new alternatives. She must convince the board that within her allotted one year, progress has been made in improving the business and ultimately convince them that profitability is in the foreseeable future and that their personal debt will be repaid.


External Analysis: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Threat of new entrants: In regards to ease of entry, there is the possibility of new entrants. However, it is stated in the case that Westlake Lanes has an excellent location in downtown Raleigh and it would be hard for another entry to secure such a location. Also,
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Regarding their location, although there is the possibility for a new entrant, at this point in time it is rare because they are the only alley in the downtown area. Westlake Lanes’ bowling leagues is not something that is rare because many other bowling alleys do have leagues however it is not stated in the case if the other local alleys are direct competition with this. Finally, the long-standing and loyal staff that Westlake Lanes has managed to acquire is a rare asset because it is difficult to find staff that generally show desire and interest in the well-being of a company and are willing to donate their time and energy in seeing that all aspects of the company are meeting their full ability.

Inimitable/Non-substitutable: Westlake Lanes’ 30 years of operations is inimitable and non-substitutable because of course no other alley can enter the market claiming the same amount of experience in Raleigh. Regarding their ownership, it is not inimitable or non-substitutable for another bowling alley to be family owned. Westlake Lanes’ location is neither inimitable nor non-substitutable however it has already been discussed that a new entrant in this location is a low threat. The asset of leagues is not inimitable or non-substitutable because it is fairly simple for competitors to adopt this concept. Finally, a long-standing and loyal staff is also not inimitable or non-substitutable however it can prove to be fairly difficult and