Westlake lanes Essay

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Shelby Givens,
General Manager- Westlake Bowling Lanes,
Raleigh, North Carolina.
Dear Shelby,
Please find the attached report for the analysis for the Westlake lanes. Each options were evaluated based on various criteria and continuing the current operation and scrutinizing the costs on periodic is recommended as it is the cost effective strategy for Westlake Bowling Alley

Shelby Given, the granddaughter of founder of Westlake Lanes has taken over as general manager of the company which has long been running in losses. There are several difficulties that the company is facing with respect to functioning of organisation, management of finances and the operational activity of the
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4) Hours of operation were not in alignment with the leisure time of the customers.
5) Quality of food was poor and there were hardly any changes in the menu.
1) She held meetings with vendors and convinced them to waive penalties and institute payment plans with no cost.
2) She tried to uplift the morale of the team and held ice breaking sessions.
3) She cut fixed costs by 8% and had plans to save another 8% in 2010. She also saved 30% in electricity bills.
4) She along with bullock did an anonymous demographic survey to collect credible data to plan things accordingly.
5) She tried to connect with customers and prospective customers by organizing leagues etc.
6) She cancelled unnecessary contracts that were getting renewed automatically.
7) Givens increased price of league , lane and shoe rental by 20%.
8) She fired bullock because she was her inappropriate behaviour in the organisation.
9) She made Sinclair look for new vendors for food.
10) She changed time slots and tried to improve the business. PROBLEM STATEMENT
How to increase the profitability and revamp the business?
Kid’s Arcade: Positioning the business for family and kids as recreational outlet
Professionals: Positioning the business for league players and teenagers
Continue with whatever Givens is doing: targeting both the family and league players
Selling: Sell the