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Bella If you asked me who Gandhi was before we studied him I would not have been able to give a substantial answer. Now that we’ve watched and read about him I am well educated on who he was and what he did.
The movie we watched was incredible by which it touched on every little detail. Gandhi was no big shot. He was just like any other Indian at the time. Until it hit him that India was their country and they should not be ruled by the British… this isn’t there land. What he does is remarkable. Starting with a few people he gathered to prove send a message to the British police. Gandhi and a few others collected important papers from those who offered it and attempted to burn them. In this process Gandhi was brutally beaten head to toe. Every time he would reach to grab a new piece and throw it in the flames he was kicked or punched, but that did not stop him for a second. At a point in the movie Gandhi’s wife stopped and told him that he was crazy, first it is extremely dangerous and two, no small town man can change those who rule a country. The situation escalated and Gandhi lost his cool for once and one time only. From then on out he did not care what others thought of him and was calm in any situation. Going on, Gandhi stood before hundreds of Indian citizens protesting how unfair life is for an Indian and that British should not have rule over them. Proceeding to say that they need a change. This stirred up many emotions. Those emotions showed obedience and loyalty to him. These people were standing up, promising that they will “fight” until they get what they want. Later Gandhi traveled all around the area gathering people to join him on his quest and to get a feeling of how they are being treated. Not to mention a ton of businessmen and news reporters were interested in Gandhi and wanted to help him or report on the situations and let the world know what was going on. He became many people's inspiration, some may even look to him as their god or savior. His power was infinident to the point where he got everyone in India and surrounding areas to not go, out use power, use transportation,

etc. Eventually through all the ups and downs the British finally agree to leave because they know competing with Gandhi they will lose. He has everyone on his side and they will do anything for him.
The Mohandas Gandhi article was great at giving me a little background knowledge to who Gandhi was and what his aspirations were. He “infused the movement with Hindu spiritually” because his family were devoted to their religion. His mother, Putlibai, was who he looked up to. If it were not for her Gandhi may have never reached his potential. She taught him his moral values, how to fast, and devotion which were all necessary when gaining independence. Much to your dismay Gandhi was not a