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Winter Gear Distributors Case (v5)
1. What is WGD’s business and what are their main business needs/drivers?
WGD is a distributor that provides winter sports appeal and equipment to suppliers like FastFit. Their main business needs are profit, market capital, market share, operational excellence, and improved decision making

2. Draw a system diagram showing the processes and information flows (and product flow) between WGD and Fast-Fit starting when Fast-Fit places an order until payment is made. This diagram will have two processes/systems (circles in the diagram) and five arrows/flows with the labels on the arrows. Put Fast Fit on the left and WGD on the right.
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Thus these burdensome processes are time-consuming and low-efficient. Besides, errors are likely to be made when data is transmitted.

5. List three ways errors can occur in filling orders and why they occur. How does his impact the business? Mistakes | Reasons | Impacts | * Data entry mistakes | * Receive orders over the phone and manually record orders * Manually enter order info. into database * Hard to recognize poor-handwriting | * Time-consuming when record and enter the order information * Deliver wrong products to wrong customers * Lead to low customer satisfaction | * Loss of order information | * Misplace paper order form * Copy from departmental computers | * Poor performance of satisfying consumers’ needs * Lead to inconsistency data between departments | * Inconsistency data | * Separate departmental database * Low-efficient share of information and communication between three departments * Data cannot be updated timely | * Low-efficient