Wgu Bs Marketing Management Capstone Essay

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Assessment Code: Capstone
Student Name: RP
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Date: 7/21/15
Mentor Name: CJ

Triple E, LLC
Extraordinary, Everyday Events

522 SE Washington Ave. STE 139, 140
Roseburg OR 97470
email address
July 21, 2015

Table of Contents
Part A 2
Executive Summary 2
A1. Company Identification 2
A2. Mission of the Company 3
A3. Business Goals 3
A4. Keys to Success 3
B1. Industry History 3
B2. Legal Form of Ownership 4
B3. Location and Facilities 4
B4. Management Structure 4
B5. Products and Services 5
C. Market Analysis 5
C1. Target Market 5
C2. Industry Analysis 5
C3. SWOT Analysis 7
D. Market Strategy 9
D1. 4Ps 9
D3: Promotional Strategy 10
D4: Sales
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A4. Keys to Success
Triple E's keys to long-term profitability and success are:  Differentiate our services to local businesses so that our clients understand that we are able to better serve their needs than more traditional or generic competitors.
 Keeping close contact with clients and establishing a well-functioning long-term relationship with them to generate repeat business and a thriving reputation.
 Establish a comprehensive service experience for our clients which includes consultation, and analysis of each business' specific goals and target audiences. Creation of dynamic, streamlined and custom advertising campaigns and meeting/event design based on needs, with total design work of all audio-visual-web advertising tools, implementation, and event follow-up analysis.
B1. Industry History
Although the need to notify potential buyers that products and services are available has always been part of buying and selling, marketing in its current guise is a relatively new industry. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that companies began to realize that customers and their needs had changed, making the tried-and-true methods used at the time, obsolete. No longer could a business rely on the simple supply-and-demand way of providing goods or services. People wanted to know more about the specifics of the goods being sold, wanted to know what others thought about