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Online Business Proposal
Texas Western Paintings and Art Studio
JBT2 E-Business
WGU Taskstream Task 2
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July 28, 2013

A1. E-commerce solutions
The internet comes with several challenges within itself, and it is essential to come up with a clear method of getting the electronic commerce solutions within a time record. As a company that will deal with online sales, more than any other thing, Texas Western Paintings and Art Studio should embrace the services of Vendio as their host. Vendio provides e-commerce solutions on a variety of platforms such as e-Bay stores as well as Amazon. They can choose to do all their transactions through the Internet Sales and Management System, which is secure, and most reliable (Kriemadis, Kotsovos, & Kartakoullis, 2007). Texas Western Paintings and Art Studio as it will experience revenue growth and overall expansion they will be able to continue to use Vendio without having to get a different host or design a new site. The company will have to set up a PayPal account and it will be linked to their purchase and shopping cart section for easy transaction processing. When the customer uses PayPal they will have the option to pay with a credit card, check, debit card and or debit the funds from their own PayPal account. Unfortunately, PayPal is only optional for customers in the United States, but will be one of the payment options available to the customer. EstarOnline will be used for all international purchases and will allow the international sector of purchases to be separated from the U.S.A. purchases. EstarOnline has a software package that will get the customers incorporated into a payment system and will help in securing the international customers credit card details and also the company’s account details. International customers will use Payment Express as their primary means of online transactions, EstarOnline provides a opportunity to automate the functionality of repossessing failed credit card payments while handling the other part of payments automatically. It also caters for returns and refunds in an efficient manner. (Sterne, 2001).
The other benefit Texas Western Paintings and Art Studio may get from linking itself to EstarOnline and for greater international exposure is the email marketing done through integrated software called the ‘LaunchPadMail’. This system helps the company to have a full combination of the customer database management and segmentation tools, campaign creation, sending and detailed reporting and statistics. Texas Western Paintings and Art Studio gets to benefit through this software in two main ways; first the company can easily keep records and track directly on genuine orders transported or sold. Second, the company can use the software to create new strategies in customer segmentation and targets, depending on the demographics and geographical distribution (Sterne, 2001).
The ease of a transaction from beginning to end will be implemented beginning with the shopping cart loaded by the customer with the product they pick by choice. Once a customer selects a art item from the company web site to purchase through either the option of Add to Cart or by dropping and dragging the art item picked and placing it into the cart, the customer will be able to view their art items picked on a section under shopping cart. When the customer has finished shopping they will have the choice of removing or editing their purchases or checkout.
Once checkout is selected the customer will be prompted for their address information and then the option for shipping and logistics appears. The shipping options will be given using the following shipping carriers that the customer can choose from : UPS, FedEx, DHL, with UPS being the featured carrier for international orders. Once payment has been made for either the international order or U.S.A. order the customer will be directed back to the web site for