Wgu Lae1 Essay

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Ryan J Kincade
Mentor Lisa A. Wellinghoff
7 June 2012

Why you should highly consider motorcycle riding for a hobby

I’m sure by now at some point in your life you have seen a motorcycle go by and have thought to yourself what would that be like to drive. Instead of wasting time thinking about it you can do something about it and even get your license without owning a motorcycle. You will not get the same experience out of buying a video game console and games which can cost over 1000usd depending on how many games you buy. 1000usd can easily buy yourself a second hand motorcycle, and just think after all those video games are played what have you experienced other the same 4 walls in your room.
Maybe video
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From the many motorcycle enthusiasts I have talked to the feeling of actually driving a motorcycle is like nothing else. Many have told me about the wind, the feeling of the fresh cool air and temperature change during a drive from a valley to a mountain top. Other riders like to be able to get out of town without breaking the bank and see stuff you might miss or drive past in a car. Something you should also consider why motorcycle ownership is so worth it is just how easy it is to actually get a chance to drive on a real race track-All glass, headlight, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed-(sport bike track time website, N.D. sec. 3.1). It is hard to find statistics on race track safety however most tracks are designed with crashes in mind and have sand traps and hay bales. To the few motorcycle racers I have talked to, both said they felt safer driving on the race track then on public streets. After doing research, asking fellow riders, and seeing the statistics I believe there is no reason why you or anyone in the world should not try motorcycling at least once in their life. When you decide to give it a try just remember your training class is in the same boat as you with no riding experience.
By the end of the class you will feel comfortable driving a motorcycle and ready to take a trip to your