Essay about Wgu Mmt2 It Strategic Solutions All 4 Tasks

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WGU MMT2 IT Strategic Solutions All 4 Tasks

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MMT2 IT Strategic Solution Task 1


Write a proposal to the CTO of AEnergy Company in which you do the following:

A. Perform a SWOT analysis of the existing IT infrastructure by doing the following: 1. Evaluate the existing strengths of the current IT infrastructure. 2. Evaluate the existing weaknesses of the current IT infrastructure. 3. Analyze opportunities for updating technology within the current IT
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Thus the company can upgrade its current IT system and take the opportunity to expand the business in the region where there is no potential competitors. Secondly, continual research and innovation of new technology by the research and development team gives the way out of upgrading technology. Thirdly, Licensing expenses are reduced due to limited licence for application software has been purchased; therefore the licence expense is saved. These cost savings help to grasp further opportunity to invest in new technology in the future for further expansion of business. Fourthly, the integration of administrative systems and e-services has resulted in significant cost savings related to personnel time for monitoring and analyzing data. Thus, the working capital needs is minimal for the company. A final opportunity is to integrate the current two locations and any future expansion location to a private cloud by leveraging MPLS. It would establish loop-free routes and share routing information among the group of routers. MMT2 IT Strategic Solution Task 2 Task 2


Read the attached “AEnergy Company Case Study” before completing this task.


AEnergy Company has current operations in Fresno,