Wgu Qrt Task 1 Essay

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The Shop That Cares: A Marketing Plan for ATR Enterprises

Western Governor’s University

QRT: Task 1

October 31, 2012

I. Executive Summary 6 II. The Challenge 6 III. Situation Analysis 6 a. Company Analysis 6 b. Customer Analysis 7 c. Competitor Analysis 8 i. Competitor’s Chart App. A d. Collaborators 9 e. Climate 9 i. PEST Analysis App. B ii. SWOT Analysis
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Situation Analysis
COMPANY ANALYSIS ATR Enterprises continues to prove viability by showing a profit eight consecutive years. The commitment to customer service and quality auto repairs brings in customer referrals and repeat customers that have kept this business striving for the past ten years. The first three quarters of 2012 show a 30% profit compared to the first three quarters of 2011. Ron Smith, Owner states that when ATR Enterprises shows a 50% profit, he plans to hire another technician, increasing the output of service and revenues. His ultimate goal is to increase revenue enough with more technicians to expand his equipment with more tow trucks, thus being able to take more road service calls.
CUSTOMER ANALYSIS The 2011 population of Chester County, Pennsylvania was 503,897. Of that number, only 712 were customers of ATR Enterprises. This is a small .14 percentage of the total population. However, with the growth of Chester County up 3.4% in 2011, and Chester County growing faster than neighboring counties of Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties; there is a high possibility of growth in customers and revenue for the forecasted next five years. Attrition rate of customers has been less than 3% per year for the past three years; which is minimal. ATR attributes their high retention rate to their quality, trustworthy service, low prices, minimal price increases, and convenient hours. ATR Enterprises’