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Professional Roles & Values Project
Sabina S. Borgen
Western Governer’s University

Professional Roles & Values


Professional Roles & Values Project
There are specific functions and benefits that both a regulatory agency and a professional organization entail. The one common objective that exists between the two is to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the public and their healthcare needs.
Through researching both entities, a Professional Nursing Mission Statement outlines the valuable characteristics of both establishments with specific roles that are entailed in each one and how they interpret the meaning of quality of care.
A: Functional Differences
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Virtues focus on the good and bad while obligations are geared towards right and wrong (American Nurses Association,

Professional Roles & Values


2015, p. 24). Within the environment I am employed, creating a culture of high standards while supporting others is crucial to the success of the residents and staff as a whole. Part of the obligation management has is to ensure policies and procedures are clear and professional fulfillment within the establishment sets the tone for a milieu environment to thrive.
Provision 6.3 “Responsibility for the Healthcare Environment” (American Nurses
Association, 2015, p. 25) emphasizes an environment based on respectful interactions between all individuals to achieve an atmosphere that promotes health and wellness.
Within my place of employment, all employees are required to complete 40 hours per year of training that supports cultural diversity, managing aggressive behavior and trauma related topics. These trainings are utilized to assist all staff in resolving difficult situations ethically and morally. Currently there is a need to change the culture within the unit I work. This change requires the entire team to put forth effort. The violation amongst communication between staff members and the residents have put a strain in the environment. I went through the proper channels and ethically and morally reported the questionable behavior displayed by one particular staff member. I strive for