Pros And Cons Of The Neolithic Revolution

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Rala Onejeme WHAP 3rd period 9/2/14

1) Humans first appeared on Earth in eastern Africa and the characteristics of their society was that they had equality of sexes, the technology they used were the shaped rocks and wooden sticks, main economic activity was hunting & gathering, and their culture was represented by cave paintings and religious rituals.
2) The Neolithic Revolution started in the Middle East and it started because a: people were looking and were interested in more sources of food & b: the end of the ice age wiped out the big game for hunter gatherers, which led to reason a.
3) The building of social classes, the development of technology, increased population in areas and greater wealth were the long term effects of the Neolithic Revolution.
4) Advantages of the agricultural based society was they were able to settle more permanently, they were able to support a larger group of people, better food supplies, and more technology was developed. Disadvantages for this society however are there was an inequality of sexes, the activity required more work, and disease developed and was easily transmitted. Advantages for the hunter- gatherer society was that they didn't work very hard and there was equality of sexes. Disadvantages were they could not support a large community, hunting groups were small, they were not immune to the transmitted diseases and there was a slow population growth.
5) Mesopotamian and Eqyptian civilizations were both