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Period 6 WHAP
Ch 34 5 & 6 5. Superpower control began to fade when president
Gaulle of France doubted US's leadership . He felt that his country was too submissive and followed along too much behind the US, so much that they had their own nuclear program which successfully made a bomb in
Marshal Tito, the president of Yugoslavia
, was starting to turn against Soviet control by trying to keep his country from their control and in 1948 gained its freedom from the USSR.
A few years after Stalin’s death
Nikita Khrushchev started the De­Stalinization process.
This was to fix all of the horrors that Stalin had created and to create a coexistence between all other nations through the revising of Russia’s foreign policy. The biggest change in this power was the
Hungarian Challenge
. This was the name for hungarians that stood up for democracy and wanted to break ties to Moscow. The started building an army to go to war with the Soviets if they disagreed with them, however they agreed that Hungary should be their own country. Later several countries held the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) which was the limitation on arms as to prevent a future arms race that downgrades living standards. This resulted in the US pulling out of South Vietnam which led to North and South
Vietnam joining as one country. 6. Ronald Reagan became president of the US in 1981 and wished to continue cold war hostility by wiping the USSR…