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Measuring Density Lab Anna Gerteisen
Background Information “Mass is a measure of the amount of matter an object has”(Measuring Density Lab 1.) Different materials will have different mass, and there are multiple units that can be used to measure mass like grams, kilograms, pounds, or ounces. “Volume is the amount of space an object occupies”(Measuring Density Lab 1) Volume can also be measured in multiple units like liters, meters cubed, gallons, quarts, cubic centimeters, and cubic inches. Mass and volume are both needed to find density. Density is the ratio of mass to the volume of a specimen. The equation for finding density is
P (density)=M (mass)/V (volume) so P=M/V (1.1)
Density equals mass divided by volume
Sample Problem #1 A block of wood has a mass of 8 g and occupies a volume of 10 cm cubed. What is the density?
The density will be 8g/10cm(cubed)=. 8g/cm (cubed)
If two objects are the same material they will always have the same density.
The purpose of the lab is to find the density of multiple objects and to identify unknown liquids by comparing densities.
Graduated cylinder
Sets of objects (cube, cylinder, sphere)
Balances provided
Irregularly shaped objects
Chemical Inventory
Safety Precautions
Lab coats
Close-toed shoes
Long pants
Regularly shaped objects of the same material were acquired. The mass of all the objects was measured in grams and using the balance provided then the results were recorded on the table. To find the volume of the objects there are equation that may be used on standard objects like the sphere, which is
V=4/3**R(cubed) and a cube which is V= L*W*H, and for a Cylinder which is V=/4*R(squared)*H, the dimensions were measured in Cm.(cubed) and recorded on the table. The table was built properly to show the proper amount of data. The density was found by using the density formula P=M/V so the volume and mass were used to find the density.