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What’s in a Word?

Occasionally the rule, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” gets broken. Words, no matter how they are said… or sent, have the power to negatively affect someone for life. Imagine having a close friend for 5 years. You two are so close you consider one another sisters. You are a part of each other’s family, live with one another for short amounts of time and most importantly went to each other for everything. Now imagine six words later everything is turned upside down. The indecency of short text stating point blank, “we can not be friends anymore.” A small combination of words so powerful it is able to break someone, and completely destroy them inside. Everything you once felt and respected about this person, gone in the matter of six powerful words.
However words can have just the opposite effect, whether it’s with a simple compliment or a long love letter, they have the power to alter someone’s attitude and outlook for the good. Sometimes all a person needs to hear is a little encouragement to keep him or her going. When you think there is nothing left to have hope in, and someone special to you tells you that you are a strong and beautiful young lady, that they believe you can get through anything thrown at you, those are the words that give you hope.
The power behind the words we speak can mean the difference of a sister one day and a stranger the next. They can be the difference of someone having a