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TOPIC: Amusement Park
TITLE: We Need a Place for the Children
GENERAL END: To Persaude
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To make my audience see the need for an Amusement Park right here in Detroit.
THESIS STATEMENT: Creating an Amusement in Detroit will benefit the children here, families seeking relocation and it will help in building revenue and employment for the city.

My fondest memories as a child were when my parents would take me to our cities amusement parks.

I. Our children, families seeking relocation and tourist will benefit from the placement of a permanently based amusement park.
A. Children need to have a place to create memories enjoy their selves and have fun.
B. Placement of an amusement park here in Detroit can help build revenue for the city.
C. Placement of an amusement park will provide about 500 more jobs in Detroit.
Detroit has top of the line Casinos, the hottest night clubs and large corporate buildings to lure investors into relocating their families and businesses here to Detroit but, “What about a place for the children?”
I. Firstly, I believe that every state needs to have amenities for whole families; Casinos and nightclubs are fine for adults, but if you’re traveling to other states with hopes of relocating, amenities for children should be considered. Amusement parks account for a great percentage of both international and local tourism. This is specifically the case for well known parks such as Disneyland located in Florida, Navy Pier in Chicago or
II. Cedar Point located in Ohio. These parks provide a very important and beneficial pull factor for the American tourism. What’s amazing about these parks is that they rated as the number one parks all across the globe. These parks have gone a long way in increasing tourism levels in USA in that it has had a notable input in tourism intensity increase.
III. Secondly, over the past ten to fifteen years Detroit’s population has decreases due to the housing bust, lack of employment, the closing of schools and libraries and non existence of quality parks. I propose developing our own cities diminishing gem as a tourist attraction for visitors, and a stable amenity for our Detroit residents that will provide employment opportunities, and bring in revenue for the city. Other than tourism, amusement parks have had great impacts in the employment arena. This is due to the fact that these parks provide very many employment opportunities both directly and indirectly. With the perfect collaboration between amusement parks and other sectors in the tourism industry, it becomes quite easy for the industry to grow incredibly and this is just what Detroit needs to bring families back to this now, up and coming turn around.
In a article written by Christopher Palmeri featured in BloomBerg Business Weekly titled, U.S. Theme Park Revenue Is on Its Best Ride in Years, Palmeri stated that, “The revenue for U.S. parks is expected to break another record at $13.4 billion this year, a 2.8 percent increase from 2012, according to market researcher IBIS World, and climb an additional 2.4 percent annually through 2017. That compares with 1.8 percent growth from 2007 to 2012”. During the winter months here in Detroit the mayor and city council gave together and created a winter wonderland in the downtown area it provides ice skating, small concession stands and sometimes live entertainment. With the proposal of creating a amusement right on Belle island, during the winter months this venue could expand and be more profitable for our residents and tourist in the future and with event the park would be utilized year round.
IV. Thirdly, another reason to consider turning Belle Isle into an amusement park is, with a city that is struggling to come back to its former glory and one that is strapped for cash, creating a place for children visiting with their families or the children in Detroit would have a place to visit year round…