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History 225 01

Book Review: The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks by Randall Robinson is a very interesting and absorbent book. Robinson speaks out on different topics that effected and is affecting our world today, but also the past due to the history of blacks. From living in Africa, to be abducted and taken into the new world, to slavery, segregation, present time and the world in general is what the book is prominently about. Personally I feel as though the book could be influencing to anyone who reads it but mainly blacks because it’s so much about our history that we don’t have a clue about. By capturing the information in the book and dwelling on our thoughts around it can be an eye opener to a lot of people all over. Robinson speaks out on history based on how blacks basically made America what it is today. From the machinery, foods, and other valuable things we offered to America, we as blacks never got or get any recognition for what we helped build. The way of life for African Americans in modern time to present time has changed tremendously, but has it enough? Traveling from Africa to America, blacks have always stuck together because each other were all we had. Today we have blacks against blacks, from gunning each other down in the street because you don’t like the way someone looks at you or other senseless acts that involve killing one another off. We greet one another by using the “N” word and think that’s okay when years ago that word made us feel low as dirt. The book speaks out on all of this because we made ourselves think that the way society is today is acceptable when in reality its really not. We’ve came from nothing to end up where we are today, though its no way to compare the two but if we allow ourselves to not take pride on where we came from but instead came together as a whole maybe we could get the recognition we always deserved. After reading the book