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3rd period
Weather and Environmental Science

My outline on Hurricane Sandy

What are hurricanes? Well they first start as a tropical disturbance tropical depression and then a tropical storm. Hurricanes only form over really warm ocean water of 80°F or warmer. Winds that hurricanes create are very powerful it can be 119 km/hr (74 mph) and it can be 600km or 397 miles wide, with this wind it can damage even a house or a building. The wind and the pressure destroys anything that’s in its way. Hurricanes form over oceanic region. In other countries hurricanes are known either as typhoon or tropical cyclone. Each storm can last at least a week.

A tropical disturbance is a discrete system of clouds, showers, and thunderstorms that originates in the tropics and remains intact for 24 hours or more. Then it becomes a tropical depression. Tropical depressions contain maximum sustained one-minute winds of 38 mph or less, at an elevation of 10 meters. It then evolves to a tropical storm. Tropical storms have maximum sustained one-minute winds of 39-73 mph (34-63 knots), at an elevation of 10 meters.

NY/NJ had a wakeup call from Hurricane Sandy. There was flooding in New Jersey and New York. People can’t go anywhere because of the rain and the flood. Some people were also stuck in their houses even if there was flood water coming in their house. Not a lot of people died but some people also lost their houses. This damage caused about $30 billion. There was flood everywhere especially the city of New York. The power was out because of the storm. People were stuck at the airport and can’t go