What Are Edgar Allan Poe's Accomplishments

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Edgar Allan Poe is a well-known American author who achieved great accomplishments within the nineteenth century. Edgar Allan Poe was born to David and Elizabeth Poe on January 19th, 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts. Elizabeth Poe had left her husband and took her three children with her, but when Edgar was two, Elizabeth Poe had passed away. After his mother’s death in 1811, Poe was adopted by Frances Allan and John Allan. While living with Mr. and Mrs. Allan, Poe attended good schools and had a privileged life. While in school in England, Poe learned French, Latin, history, and math. Once he returned to America, he decided to continue his studies. In 1826, Poe went to the University of Virginia and studied Latin and French. Due to lack of financial support from his father, Poe started to fall into debt. Due the accumulative debt and Poe’s drinking problem, Poe quit school within a year of starting. After quitting school in 1827, Poe went back to Boston and applied to join the U.S. Army. Two years after being successful in the army, in 1829, his adoptive mother, …show more content…
Poe is responsible for creating the genre of fiction. He was also one of the earliest short story writers. Poe was also one of the first writers to try and make his living only on his writing. Poe also contributed to the creation of scientific fiction. Poe was known as a pioneer in the modern short story. Edgar Allan Poe will forever leave an impact on American literature. Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “Alone” is thought to be inspired by his adoptive mother’s death. Poe’s point of view in “Alone” is an adult looking back on his childhood, which is why it is believed his mother’s death. Another reason why Poe is believed to write “Alone” after his mother is because Poe wrote “Alone” around one month after she passed. Poe always structured his writings off of unfortunate events that occurred in his life and that is why “Alone” is structured by his mother’s