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Week 6
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Here are this week’s lessons:

ESOL 0327
ELLC Week 6
Part I
“Food: Eating Insects”

A. Circle the correct answer. (6 pts. each) 1) The candy store featured in the video is in _________, California. a) Bakersfield b) Los Angeles c) Pismo Beach d) San Francisco

2) Which insect is not mentioned in the video? a) caterpillar b) cockroach c) cricket d) mosquito

3) How long has Larry Peterman, owner of “Hot Lix,” been promoting insects as a valuable source of food? a) ten years b) less than ten years c) more than ten years 4) According to the video, more than _________ insect species are eaten around the world. a) 1100 b) 1200 c) 1300 d) 1400

5) Insects are part of healthy diets in _________. a) Asia. b) Africa. c) Australia. d) All of the above.

6) According to the video, insects are full of _________. a) minerals. b) protein. c) vitamins. d) All of the above. 7) According to the video, producing a lb. of caterpillars requires only _________ of the resources needed to produce a lb. of beef. a) 1/10 b) 1/4 c) 1/2 d) 3/4

8) What does a “Pismo Surfer” contain? a) bananas b) a cockroach c) whipped cream d) All of the above

9) Larry Peterson believes he’ll eventually “win people over.” That means he’ll _________ people. a) convince b) beat c) persuade d) Both a & c

10) According to the video, Americans “can’t stomach” bugs. That means they can’t _________ them. a) stand b) tolerate c) Both a & b d) None of the above

Part II
“FDA Allows Bugs in Your Food”
B. Circle the correct answer. (5 pts. each)
1) According to the video, we all probably consume small bits of maggots and insect fragments in our food.
True False

2) The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not allow any contaminants in our food. True False

3) The FDA will intervene only if the following products contain how much/how many what? (4 pts. each)…