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Stacy Sullivan
September 30th, 2014
American Literature/ Period 5

Do we still have rights?

There are various numbers of inalienable rights, and still are being taken away not just by our government, and by people who think they have more rights than other people. Inalienable rights are God given rights given to you once you were born.
Not only are we given rights by God, we are given legal rights as well. As a citizen of the United States, we are aware of what rights we have and which ones we don’t. Various amounts of us do not realize when those rights are being violated, or taken away.
A couple of years ago the government was talking about having gun control. If you wanted to buy a gun or have possession of one, you would have to go through a background check, and if you did not pass, then you couldn’t own a weapon. This caused a huge disturbance to numerous concerned citizens. At that point when congress was deciding whether or not to pass that law, people started to realize that was one of the most important rights, might be taken away from us, and they weren’t happy. In the Constitution it states that everyone who is an American citizen has the right to bear arms. People can oppose and say that we do need background checks on the people who can own guns, because it is safer.
Last year there was a case in the Philadelphia Supreme Court House, which took upon the “I love boobies” case. Several young women and men wore them to school and even out in public. Schools started to notice, and weren’t very happy, thinking it was very inappropriate. One school in Philadelphia banned the bracelets, and also had to suspend young ladies from school. These bracelets represent a sign of finding a cure for breast cancer, and even though it is a bracelet, it is still a sign of freedom of speech. You are saying that you’re hoping and praying for everyone who does have breast cancer. This is a violation of freedom of speech and freedom of press. You are allowed to show what you believe in and also speak about it without “getting in trouble.” Many can differ and say that it is inappropriate and we can stand support things by making them noncontroversial.
In the United States we have the freedom of religion. Not only can religion be political but it can also be dangerous in a sense to it can lead to many wars such as Isis. One reason we don’t fight or violate this freedom is not only are there an abundance of religions but also it