What Are Some Of The Factors That Can Ensure More Success In The Sdlc Process

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Understand the basic duties, qualifications, skill sets of a systems analyst.
A system analyst researches problems, plans solutions, recommends software and systems, and coordinates development to meet business requirements.
What are the main questions that need to be answered for each of the SDLC phases?
Planning-Should we do it?, Analysis-What do we need to do?, Design-How are we going to do it?, Implementation-Do it, Maintenance- Support it.
What are SDLC best practices called?

What are some of the factors that can ensure more success in the SDLC process?
Management Support, Technical and Business Expertise, Focal point Designation, Well defined procedures, Proper documentation for maintenance.
Understand the ramifications of using and not using an SDLC approach.
Advantages W/ SDLC: Clear idea what should/should not be built, goal is clear and can be on time. Proper documentation will help with maintenance.
Disadvantages W/ SDLC: is the difference between what is written in paper and what is actually implemented. Also does not push for creativity.
Advantages W/O SDLC: One advantage is time, clear purpose on why the software is created.
Disadvantages W/O SDLC: Lack of proper documentation. Inability to handle programs with complex needs.
Understand the differences between predictive vs. adaptive, data centric-process centric-OO-centric.
Predictive-Requirements well defined and well understood. Low technical risk.
Adaptive-Requirements and needs uncertain. High technical risk.
Main reasons why development projects fail?
Not on time, went over budget, poorly planned/managed.
Understand what UML is.
UML combines techniques from data modeling, business modeling, object modeling, and component modeling. It can be used throughout the SDLC.
What are some of the important things that happen during the Planning Phase?
Inception-System request is received, Business case is prepared, and Steering Committee reviews (Yes or No)
Understand the System Request Form.
The system request form has the project sponsor info, the business need, the business requirements for the project, the business value, and the special issues or constraints.
Understand the documentation that is prepared during this phase.
Business case includes: System Request Form, Risk Assessment (Technical, Economic, and Organizational Feasibility), and recommendation summary. Economic Feasibility is the hardest to