What Are The Arguments Against Hunting Good

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Hunting Controversies

Hunting is one of the most controversial things that people all around the world do. There are many reasons hunting is good and many reasons some can argue that it isn’t good. When hunting, you have to ask yourself why and what you are hunting for. Are you hunting for the big rack to hang on your wall, or are you hunting for meat to fill the freezer? Are you hunting for a rare species just to say that you killed the rare animal just for a picture with it laying dead on the ground? In this paper I am going to discuss all of the reasons I find hunting good and why some would argue differently. Trophy hunting is a worldwide problem and when arguing about hunting people forget how bad trophy hunting is. If all you are going to do is kill an animal that is almost gone or kill an extremely rare animal just for a picture or to hang on your wall, maybe you shouldn't hunt. When people go out and kill an animal that is rare or you aren't suppose to kill such as Cecil the Lion who was killed by a dentist named Walter Palmer, sparks flew all around the world and all the sudden there was one of the most talked about current events. That incident instantly gave hunting a reputation that it shouldn't have just because one
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Deer hunting season for archery hunters is September 15th through January 15th, rifle season is December 23rd to January 2nd. If there was no deer season the deer population would be out of control. I personally am all for deer season and If someone is going to hunt and eat the deer and not just shoot it for the heck of it, then personally I say go for it. Every year my family goes down and hunts for deer and its good family time and the thrill of hunting never gets old, but for some they would argue that the deer are innocent and no deer deserves to be shot. Little do they realize how out of control the deer population would be if It wasn’t for deer hunters each