What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Globalization

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This comprehensive learning is based on the online learning, books, and articles. It mainly talks about the globalization, transnational corporations, and its benefits and drawbacks. With the growth in globalization concept, the transnational corporations are flourishing in terms of production and earning profits. Many transnational corporations seek for low wage countries like India, Vietnam etc. where they can spend a few dollars a day but produce goods worth millions of dollars. Establishment of transnational corporations in developing countries has its own benefits and drawbacks for the host countries Transnational Corporation and Drawbacks
In simple terms, globalization is a phenomenon in which companies operate or produces goods and provides services from other countries rather than their own. The concept globalization has created a huge market under the same roof where opportunities and threats lie. In my opinion, the globalization concept was arisen from the human wants, need and scarcity of the resources. Due to globalization, it has made possible of free movement of goods, services, human resources, information, and technologies. Our lives are being reshaped by the globalization as it leads into unchartered territory meaning an individual is being exposed to the traits and practices of other culture, uplift of barriers in
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The global assembly line is a term used for describing when production and transportation of various components in site around the world, with the assembly in the final factory. Like in the above-mentioned example, Apple Inc. produces its component all around the world but assembles in one factory which can be termed as the global assembly