What Are The Benefits Of Continuing Education Persuasive Essay

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I am writing to persuade you to continue teaching, since college education is a must have in modern society and is a better choice than not continuing your education higher than high school. According to Pascarella et al, (45) most people focuses on college education as the most superior weapon of encountering life endeavors, which means that the supremacy of knowledge is being utilized in an exceptional fashion. Continuing education beyond high school is not only helping the mind but also enriching your soul by having new life experiences. Professors like yourself make college a fun environment for students of all kinds of learning curves.
According to Abel, Jaison R.(Web) after reaching a peak of slightly more than 7 percent in 2011, the unemployment rate for recent grads has generally been declining and now stands at just over 5 percent. With these kinds of improvements to the unemployment rate, it means that college is better than not going at all. College or any other higher education teaches you many things for the professional world. I am not saying that not seeking any other education means that you will become more knowledgeable, but I am saying that you might have a better chance in being better equipped to handle more situations in life. Having a degree of some sort provides you a
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Most of society thinks of college as boring and very drawn out, a lot of that comes from old perspectives. As you know, colleges have the latest technology to utilize in order to make the education in par with the new items coming out every day for certain jobs. College is a place where you can express yourself and really find out what you like and want in life through learning. Universities are a breeding group for many different groups of people and helps you learn how to deal with many walks of life, with it being negative or positive