What Are The Biggest Problems Of Western Civilization

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Western Civilization

Usually when you hear other people talking about our country or really any country, it is negative or implies that there is a problem. Obviously, there are problems that need to be addressed, but they need to be prioritized. The Western World has a list of infinite problems and we have to pick out the biggest ones that need to be solved as soon as possible. Some of the biggest problems currently upon us are immigration, national debt, terrorism and gender identity. When you start bringing up problems like these, people might say, “Oh, this wouldn’t be a problem if everybody would just…” Everyone has there own opinion on them, so there’s never going to be a plan that satisfies everyone. We can still go into the biggest problems and find the best solution possible. The problem that seems to receive the most attention is immigration. Immigration became a gigantic problem because everyone started expressing their views on it. It first becomes a problem when it starts having negative effects on you, but if that problem also brings some positives, does it equal out? That question just brings more attention to the problem in my eyes. The Western world is plagued by many problems in the 21st century, but the biggest problem is immigration.
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The severity of some of them have changed over the years, some have disappeared, and some new problems have approached us. Back in the 16th century, Europe faced many economic problems including inflation. Another problem was plague outbreaks. In the present day, we don’t think to much about plagues. Plagues aren’t really much of a problem at all, but they still exist. The Black Death still infects 10-20 people each year in the United States. When you look at today’s problems, it is very