What Are The Causes Of The Industrial Revolution Dbq

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England had already experienced the forerunners of industrial revolution in the 1700s. As a result of an agricultural revolution and expanded cottage industries, the textile industry triggered the country’s prosperity. Manchester quickly emerged as the heart of textile manufacturing in England in less than a century (Document 1). The huge factories were rich in supplies of coal, which lead to the rapid maturity of the English economy and a growth in the country’s population. However, life for the poor and working class was still difficult. There has been much objection to the living standards within the manufacturing plants, and the health issues created within the factory also lead to public unrest. However, the industrial revolution should still be understood as a time of economic catharsis and growth.
England’s living conditions during the early 18th century were well-known for their over crowdedness and lack of sanitation. Southey believed that Manchester could never be a suitable place to live. He notices the buildings were without importance and were without
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created access to gaining money by developing many manufactured goods in Manchester (Document 9). They approved anything that would help the economy of the city because they were officials. Abram a journalist and historian, discussed the improved condition of factory laborers and the splendid foundation of public facilities in his journal article, contrary to what many people were saying at the time (Document 10). He believed cultural growth played a noticeable part in reducing the unhappiness of the citizens. An illustration of River Irwell is published in The Graphic, contrasting with the appealing features of the city mentioned by Abram (Document 11). As the magazine dealt with social issues, it is likely they chose to exaggerate and use hyperboles in the depiction of the unsightly part of the city. Overall, the revolution allowed Manchester to develop its economy based around