What Are The Conditions That Give Rise To Law Reform

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Conditions that give rise to law reform.

1)The values of societies change over time. This places pressure on the law to change and adapt over time. Social values come from society, and how society views the law and the government, and when a law has not provided enough safety for society it has to re-ajust and be refromed. Two fields in which law reform will have changed or reformed would be:
Sexuality, (Gay marriage, Women's equal rights and even sexuality in general)2.
Racial, only a couple of years ago black people weren't even allowed to sit on the same bus as white people, now its against the law to be racist and black people can now sit wherever they like.
2) As social values change, so too does our concept of justice. New concepts of Justice means laws that needed to be changed because they were not protecting society.
Things like sexual assault, and how they have just changed the law and said that victims of sexual assault are not allowed to be attacked by the bannisters and how the bannisters have to watch what they say in order to make the victim comfortable and not fee confronted or accused of lying, which then helps more victims come forward and testify as they feel safe too, they also made a new thing legal where if they victim is very uncomfortable with the idea of being in the same room as their offender they can still testify but they can do it via TV connection. Things like that, Laws that were made to help situations and failed too, then new concepts of justice have to formed.

3) With new technology new rules and laws apply to them, from computers to cars, when a new item of technology is invented they must abide laws to keep it safe and un-harmful to society.

Agencies of reform.

The role of courts and parliaments in law reform is to change laws that have been out-dated since when the law first came in. Courts usually change law or modify laws that get brought up by court