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Many changes have to be implemented in order to accommodate a person whom is. Employers must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are a few things that employers must do. Permanent Wheelchair Ramps for front, side or rear door entry and exit are much safer and longer lasting than temporary ramps. They cost much less than elevators and, unlike elevators, the ramps work just as well during power outages. Wheelchair Elevators may be needed to access the second and higher floors. These are prohibitively expensive and, being inoperative during power failures, can be dangerously confining hazards. Enlarged Hallways and Rooms may be necessary. This is very costly. Special Bathroom Facilities might include either a special patient lift - or a stall. The doorway needs to be wide and the bathroom needs to be large enough for wheelchair navigation and transfers. The sink needs to be at an appropriate height and have open legroom underneath with an offset drain trap (with no cabinet). It also needs to have special handles and a special spigot for easy use by the quad in his wheelchair. The toilet needs to be wheelchair accessible and the correct height, and there needs to be an overhead ceiling lift to facilitate transfers back and forth between w/c and toilet. The toilet needs to have a spray cleaning system built-in if the quad cannot handle and use toilet paper. There will need to be appropriately mounted mirrors and storage cabinets in the