What Are The Ideas Of Enlightenment A Revolutionary Dbq

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The ideas of enlightenment philosophes were revolutionary is because it changes the way people act. By being enlightened it lead to many people to do many great thing. To a certain extent enlightenment was very revolutionary. This is because it changed how people saw the world that they were free and did not need a king to rule over them and that the people had free will. “That everyone possess rights to life liberty property and possessions” (Document 4).

Enlightenment was able to deal with intolerance this is because Voltaire stated “ that tolerance has never brought civil war, nor has it covered the earth with carnage” (Document 2). The ideas that voltaire had would be seen by different people as a threat because voltaire would be questioning the status quo. This could have made him dangerous because his is questioning the christians by saying “Of all religions the christian ought doubtless to inspire the most tolerance although hitherto the christians have been the most intolerant of all men” (Document 2). Voltaire sees intolerance as such a problem because it is the unwillingness to accept views and beliefs that differ from one’s own beliefs.
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That every man has right that they possess which is “their lives liberties properties and possessions” (Document 4). John Locke wanted to make a government that made laws and that was governed by the people he wanted to make a representative republic. John locke’s ideas were able to influence the development of epistemology and political philosophy. John locke was the most influential early enlightenment