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What are the parts of an epidemic?
Every uncontrolled illness and phenomenon have adversely affected the society and managed to spread rapidly. For this, Epidemic can be divided according to its cause into two major things; those that are the result of biological causes and those that are caused by the society or by certain phenomenon in the society. In both cases, it will have negative influences on individuals and people in general, because it destroys the essence of the civil society.
However, the best example of uncontrolled disease was the plague in 14th century. The author Barbara Tuchman in her article "This Is the End of the World" The Black Death, she portrays the scary situation at that time, and how people desperate of their lives and become concerned only about themselves, she said "nobody wept no matter what his loss because almost everyone expected death.” The irony in this issue is when Barbara described the influence of disease on people, it was in the 14th century. A similar situation happened recently when Ebola disease spreaded in Africa. In fact, most of countries closed their airports and prevent traveling to countries how infected with Ebola. These two examples show the impact of biological epidemic on the fabric society, by isolating people, no matter what year it is, or technological development they have, the reaction to diseases will be the same.
As for social epidemics, most countries have understood the negative impact of these phenomena, and how it contributes to isolate societies. for example in France, French parliament approved a law prevents thin fashion models, drugs and pharmaceuticals that contribute to