What Are The Pros And Cons Of Foster Home

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My mate and I have two children together, ages two and four. We have recently had an argument that turned physical while the children were at home. One of our neighbors called the police and they realized the children were there, so the police then called DCF. DCF told us that our children must leave the home and be placed with either a relative or go to foster care. Both sides of our family are very dysfunctional, so we chose to put the children in foster home.
The pros are that the children can stay together. Also, they will no longer have to see the fight me and their dad goes through. They will now be able to live a healthy well fit life without any occasional fights going on around them. My children can now feel safe and not feel like their dad is in the wrong because he touched mommy. Also, my kids can now be taught right from wrong instead of always seeing the wrong in just about an everyday situation with us. My children can now grow up knowing they have food on their plate to eat and a roof over their head.
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We now know our children will not be in our presence. There will be someone else raising our children. Also, we will lose the bond with our children especially with the two year old. Nothing will be the same. There will no longer be support for the children such as sports and advice as they grow up. No more family nights will occur because they will have a new family. It is also possible that they can be put up for adoption and they turn against us because we were not really there for them when they needed us. Also, they could turn into criminals especially by our family being dysfunctional; allowing them to do as they