Essay about What Are the Qaulity of a Good Leader

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Louise Ngo Kon
Mark Bavis

A good leader
Every time someone asked me what a leadership quality is, I end up saying determination and confidence. Why? Because determination means everything to me, it’s because am determined to be someone, and confident in anything I do. You see my life has been full with negativity; however my determination and my confidence will drive me far from such people. I believe in myself and what I can do with my life instant of siting home and eating like someone once said. I believe that I can accomplish anything in my life.
In one ways my determination and confidence had made me who I am, and facilities me to accomplished and achieved my goal, also to be able to help people. It’s all happen a few years ago when I join the 84 movement. The 84 movement stand for 84% of youth in Massachusetts who chose not to smoke tobacco. Our task is to inform youth and young adult about the danger of tobacco and how does it can affected their life. One day while making some plans about our main event, kick off day, in which we all walked around a whole day screaming and shouting tobacco shouldn’t be cheap than candy or clothes. These women grab my hand and told me that she need it some help. At first side I thought she was sick and need some help. It’s after a moment that I realized, she was telling the thrust and she really need some help. We welcome her in our main house in Back Bay, were we showed her some number and though her how tobacco affected her life. It was