What Are The Symbols In The Lottery

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In Shirley Jackson’s American Gothic story “The Lottery,” there are many symbols. There are many different analyses about what the story is pertaining to. This story goes to show how common people in a society can do harm to others in order to survive and to keep the balance of life. This story uses symbolism very heavily; it is because of this that the story is very interesting.
The characters of the story have symbolic meaning: Old man Warner is a seventy-seven year old man; he is the oldest man in the village. His name is a symbol because he “warns” everyone about the dangers of leaving behind the lottery. Out of everyone in the village Old man Warner is the only one that enjoys keeping the annual lottery. However, he does not fully show his true love for the lottery it is almost as if he does not love the lottery, but he knows what is needed to be done to better the village and himself and to him it’s by keep to traditions. Another character in the story by the name of “Jack Watson” is the opposite of Warner, Watson is the youngest patriarch, he does not want the lottery to continue like Warner does (Nebeker 105-106). Warner has the position of spokesman for the whole village. He has this position because he is the most honest person in the village and
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This idea of the scapegoat can also be found in a Ursula K. Le Guin’s short story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.” In her short story, she uses a child of the age of ten who is in a cellar, to take all the pain, suffering, grief, etc. from the whole village. In doing so the villagers stay happy. However, in the lottery the villagers kill one person every year to clean their everyday sins. It is also ironic that killing is one of the most unforgivable sins, but still they must kill someone to have their sins forgiven. The people want to be clean but they will never be