What Are Your Illusions? Essay

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What Are Your Illusions?
Are you letting other people or events control you and your emotions? Something to keep in mind is that you are the only person in control of you. You cannot control an event, a friend or a spouse. The response to an event could trigger an emotion that is directly linked to the illusions or beliefs in your world. I am going to further expand on the concept of illusions, the way an illusion governs decision making and the ability people have to change their behavior by adjusting these illusions through learning.
An example of an illusion could be the condition of being deceived by a false perception or belief, such as helping a friend move and expecting something in return. An assumption is made that if not fulfilled may trigger a response. Feelings of anger, frustration, or hurt can surface because the illusion is not reality. Decisions are filtered through the illusions that are created throughout life's experiences. If we think back to childhood, many holidays were based on some sort of illusion you thought was real. The Easter bunny and Santa Claus are illusions that adults create for children. The child believes in these illusions until there comes a time when they realize that they are mythical. A child may respond with anger or frustration due to the destruction of such a happy illusion. The decisions people make are filtered through their own unique set of illusions that are created through personal growth.
How does a unique set of illusions have anything to do with the decisions individuals make? Children grow up in diverse environments. There are theories based on the fact that the environment a child grows up in shapes them as an adult. However, a child’s emotions and thoughts are closely linked. If that is the case, the mind builds a set of illusions that work as guidelines for life. A mistake made