What Are Your Individual Results

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My Individual Results and Applications
Professor Stephen Satterlee
Jennifer Trammell
Liberty University
April 11, 2018

I am currently employed as a Testing Center Assistant at a local community college. My daily tasks consist of administering class and entrance exams, scheduling staff and testing times, keeping information confidential, and answering general questions about hours and testing policies. Attention to detail and customer service are valued traits in my daily work and I am expected to represent the college in an exceptional manner, and be accurate with all information and exam information. My organization consists of one supervisor, one full timer, two part timers and four student
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Based off the results from this self-assessment I am able to understand that there is a need for improvement in my self-actualization and intrinsic motivation. These attributes would help me become more effective within my organization. Increasing these will also help with my job satisfaction. Increasing my growth need and intrinsic motivation would allow me to seek fulfillment from my job and its duties and not from extrinsic motivations, such as bonuses or a paycheck. Increasing it would also allow me to become more aware of my self-actualization and begin to reach my potential, which would then increase my skills to complete my tasks to my best ability. “People experience self-actualization by applying their skills and knowledge, observing how their talents achieve meaningful results, and experiencing personal growth through learning” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2008, p.126). Having a stronger growth need would help improve both my work life and life outside of work. Having a need to self-improvement allows me to excel in my career and push me to get out of my comfort zone that I have settled into from working in the same job for 5+ …show more content…
With these scores I am able to interpret that I like to encourage others within the group and encourage others to participate. I am aware that I do not like to resolve conflict in the group, but I do like to keep track of time and ideas that the group has come up with.
4. This assessment has shown me that I have areas that I could strengthen as well as areas that I excel in. All of these attributes can help me become more effective within the organization. Because I have the ability to encourage others within a group it will help provide my coworkers with the positive attention that they need to feel confident in speaking about their ideas and concepts to the rest of the group.
With the skills that I have in gatekeeping I will be more open and accepting to receiving ideas from other coworkers and how to increase efforts within the organization. By encouraging all members to speak it will open the floor to new and innovative ideas to consider for strategies to making our workplace that much better for both employees and the students that need to test.
This assessment has shown that my weakest attribute within a team is to be able to harmonize. I don’t tend to like conflict, but part of being a harmonizer is the ability to make sure that everyone remains focused on the overall