What Aspects Of A Culture Encourage Drinking Essay

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1. What aspects of a culture encourage drinking? For example, consider the role of drinking in celebrations, movies, TV, and advertisements.

Most of American society revolves around alcohol. There are two amendments totally dedicated to alcohol consumption. The 18th makes it illegal, and the 21st repeals the 18th. It is almost as if they tried to quit alcohol as a country and said, “To hell with that, we tried!”

Birthdays are a huge cultural drinking day for many. I am not too big on celebrating birthdays, I did nothing special. The true hero is Dianna, my mom she did all the work I was just along for the ride. Sports is another huge part of alcohol consumption. If you see one beer commercial you see fifty. I find it interesting that FCC regulations prohibit showing alcohol consumption advertisements.

Another huge proponent encouraging drinking is the hip-hop/club culture. Every other rap video I see has somebody “popping a bottle of champagne open” or some nonsense. Almost all of the hip-hop culture promotes a party lifestyle only sustainable by those making the music. People neglect important aspects of their lives to keep up with that lifestyle.

2. Are there racial and ethnic differences in alcohol consumption in the United States? Are there certain racial and ethnic groups that are likely to consume more than the general population? If so, which one(s)? Be sure to support your response using scholarly sources?

Just from movies, books, and other entertainment I have always thought the biggest alcohol consumers were either Russians or the Irish. Never knowing anyone that well from either country I just kind of follow that