What constitutes genes for the rotary kiln? Essay

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We have talked about the application and the working priinciple of the rotary kiln. But we have not told the structure of it. So today we will say something about the constitutes genes for the rotary kiln.

We all know that the Rotary kiln is to point to rotating calcining kiln, is a kind of mining machinery widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection and many other production industry. Rotary kiln is Thermal Equipment, heating materials, it is widely used in the fields of cement, Nonferrous Metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory material, chemical materials, paper making.

In addition, the rotary kiln has its own product feature. They are as following: Gears: single or double. Control the rotating speed by buncher, DE machine and frequency variable motor. Be reliable , energy-saving, and efficient; Cylinder tyre bolster: lower bolster has three types: fixed , zoom and floating. The structure is simple , replacement is convenient and won’t hurt cylinder; Support device: advanced shaft structure, automatic temperature measuring device and electrical heating; Catch wheel : including two kinds mechanical wheel and hydraulic pressure and so on.

Rotary kiln is composed of cylinder, gears, support device, kiln liner and kiln tail sealing equipment, kiln head hood and combustion.Cylinder as heated pivoting part, made of high-quality carbon steel plate, is supported on the support device by tyre, and there is machanical or hydraulic