What Did Columish Arrived In The New World

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What did they find upon arriving in the “new world”?
When Columbus arrived in the “new world” he was met by the native peoples of what is now San Salvador. None of these people wore European clothes if any at all, “all young, as I have said, and all of good stature—very handsome people, with their hair not curly but straight and coarse, like horsehair; and all of them very wide in-the forehead and head, more so than any other race that I have seen so far. And their eyes are very handsome and not small; and none of them are black, but of the color of the Canary Islanders…All alike have very straight legs and no belly but are very well formed.” (SATURDAY 13 OCTOBER [1492]) The island itself Columbus described it as “quite big and very flat and with very green trees and much water and a very large lake in the middle and without any mountains; and all of it so green that it is a pleasure to look at.” (SATURDAY 13 OCTOBER [1492])

How were the Spanish originally received by the Native people? The Spanish sailors were met with the Natives of San Salvador who were curious good natured and welcoming “They came to the ship with dugouts [canoes] that are made from the trunk of one tree, like a long boat, and all of one piece, and worked marvelously in the fashion of the land, and so big that in some of them 40 and 45 men came. And others smaller, down to some in which one man came alone. They row with a paddle like that of a baker and go marvelously. And if it capsizes on them then