What Do You Need To Live A Complete Life

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What do you need to live a complete life?

People live a complete life when they indulge themselves in love, happiness and a healthy lifestyle because of their myriad associated benefits that help them achieve a set of goals.
However, others may argue that a complete life is one where one has a high standard of living, a well-paid job and other luxuries.

Love is universal. Every species has the need to love and to be loved. Human beings will be considered in this context. It can be conditional and unconditional. Conditional love may be short term or long term but will eventually cause a lot of pain, maybe through deception.
Unconditional love may last for a lifetime and the love between a mother and her child can be taken as an illustration. Love shared among family members, relatives and friends create beautiful memories. Though unconditional love can also be attained when one has learnt to accept and love oneself first. Only then, people can spread it and around their surroundings.
Research from different universities has shown that love has many health benefits such as increased lifetime, reduced stress, improved cardiovascular health, strengthened immune system, motivated and a more energetic and appealing attitude.

Similarly, happiness is an inside job. This means that one must get used to be in a state of happiness to experience the happy feeling. This can be achieved by smiling often, laughing or by participating in fun activities. It is a process of ‘feeding’ the mind with positivity and happy feelings. This eventually causes an alteration in the mood of the person. Smiles can be contagious too if passed to another individual. Once a person learns to be in a happy state, he/she would not have to wait for a reason to be happy.

Moreover, an individual must adopt a healthy lifestyle. One should exercise regularly and avoid junk food and unhealthy habits such as