What Does America Mean To Me

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What does America mean to me? America is described and thought differently from other people. For me America is described through Liberty, Freedom, Bravery, and Courage. Liberty is focused from the statue itself in New York, which represents our freedom and how the torch means enlightening the world. The United States is based on the facts that our U.S citizens have more freedom than anyone else. We show bravery from how we act and respect our military and how much love we have for this country. U.S. citizens are more courageous than you can imagine, they have a mind which takes them above and beyond to do great things. In my opinion, America shows all the components on how to be an amazing country.

The word Liberty means that we have political and social freedoms to which all U.S citizens have. Historic events such as the Declaration of Independence, which declared the United States Independent. The words Liberty and Freedom correlate and both describe our country. Freedom means to be free and proud that I live in the United States. Some countries in our world cannot live
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Every branch of the military and every job mean something to our country. There are also the firefighters, policemen and the people that protect and serve our country. America first started as a settlement , then escalated through the years from presidencies, the making of different documents and then the form of America started to begin. America has had their ups and downs, but America is still the home of the Brave. Bravery is used in our everyday lives and even in the national anthem. America shows We have been able to conquer things such as the Great Depression, slavery, World Wars etc. Some other countries have not defeated some of these things. As, for the saying that all people know “Land of the free, home of the brave.” No other country shows as much bravery than any other country in the