What Does Being An Outsider Mean To You Essay

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A Reason for Being In today’s society, it is very difficult to feel as if you fit in or not. I consider myself to be an outsider. In this essay, I will present a story of true events that have occurred in my life that are reasons to why I am an outsider. I do not see being an outsider a bad thing, but it also not necessarily a good thing either. The bad part about the feeling or thought of being an outsider is everyone worries about you. They constantly ask “are you suicidal? Are you crazy, mental issues? Have you talked to a therapist?” No I am not suicidal, no I am not crazy or have mental issues and I do not need to see a therapist. I was just going through a rough patch (as we all have). We are human and humans are not perfect. At the time, I was perfectly imperfect (or at least that’s what I like to say). I confided in my family and they went to bat for me, I confided in my friends and they stabbed me in the back. What I have struggled with during my life will be used as evidence as I present my case of being an outsider. When I was growing up, I was always told it did not matter how someone looked on the outside it always mattered what was on the inside. Morals and values have changed and I find it to be disturbing …show more content…
Both are laughing, showing off brilliant white pearls. She tossed her perfectly blonde curls back and while she does this she simultaneously begins running her soft fingers through her locks. He then runs his masculine hand through his hair as he smiles and stares at the ground, acting as if he is talking to an angel...which obviously he is. He then puzzle pieced his hands perfectly into hers and they continued down the sidewalk. Envied and with a scowl upon my face, my eyes followed them until they turn the street corner. I realized it was one of my good friends and her boyfriend. So wrapped up in each other they didn’t even notice me. I was like a fly on the