What does it mean to be eductionally successful Essay

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What does it mean to be educationally successful?
Through more education you can and will train yourself toward possibility and success. A college education can empower you in so many ways such as different job and professions.
Years ago it was the “norm” for people to just go right into a full time job after high school. In today’s society, you have to get a college degree in order to get ahead and get a better paying job to provide for your family. According to April a Category Management Coordinator for Aurora Health Care, she chose college because she loved to learn. She, also, wanted to have her degree in place so she wouldn't have to place her advancing career on hold to get her degree.
In today’s society a high school diploma just isn't enough anymore. I asked April why a high school diploma wasn't enough for her: “High school wasn't enough because I enjoyed learning and wanted to see what doors a higher education might open up for me. I think learning in any way whether it is documentaries or college can benefit everyone. Education, in any way, is how we forge ideas to improve our own lives or someone else’s lives”. What people don't know is that college can be a good experience, once you get over the culture shock. April said that she went from a public high school to a women's Catholic college. The teachers at that college really cared about her education, in the public schools not so much. The college staff wanted to know where she was if she missed class or was late and were always available for questions or tutoring. College is also a culture shock, based on the self-discipline aspect of it. With high school, you are “required” to go, with college it is a want or a drive to earn a higher degree for a possibility of a better future. The self-discipline really comes in when you have to attend classes on your own and do the accompanying assignments. In high school everything is done for you, such as your class schedule, your teachers calling your parents when there is an issue, and having a hot lunch.
Higher education isn't just defined to being instructed in college or high school. It is, also learning of a specific field, high school or even learning things on your own. Education empowers students because it gives us the information we need to build a career, do research or do many other endeavors in life. College education, specifically, can open up doors to our success. Others may choose to define education success differently. I simply believe it is through educating yourself in whatever you decide to choose will help you accomplish your goals. Many people choose college for a higher level of learning, a higher level of education that goes beyond the basics and fundamentals of basic learning.
Some students see college success as someone who feels they have taken enough college courses to advance or improve in their current job. However, through college education you can choose whatever career you like, such as a doctor, lawyer or even a nurse. A good meaningful job that you want to wake up to every morning and be proud to go to work and feel like you are making a difference.What is really educational success? Some people define it as the acquisition of wealth. To others, it is the accomplishments of the goal they have set out for so far.
In today’s modern society, it is the undeniable fact that we must equip ourselves with plenty of knowledge and skills in order to shine and be successful. Having the correct mindset that you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way is beneficial to being educationally successful.
Education can equip one to the fullest extent possible with knowledge related to one’s own field or career. The right knowledge and education can allow one to perform better than others around them.
A person’s personal qualities has also has an effect of one’s ability to become educationally successful. You may think you need to know all that you