What Does It Take To Be An American

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Delmyuntezia Pittman
Mrs. Huddleston
English III
26 September 2014

What does it take to be an American? The American Dream to me is the traditional social ideals of the U.S. such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity. American Dream is a Dream of America that everyone should have to abide by that is from America. You should have to sign a paper saying that you will acknowledge it and if you sign and don’t follow the instructions, then you will suffer the consequences (if 18 and under, NO DRINKING). To be an American you will have to obey the rule. In order to be considered as an American you will have to be respectful, follow the rule and be trustworthy. In order for you to be respectful to the Dream you will have to show that you have respect for it every time you see it. By being courteous you need to read it and say it out loud when you see it. By being an American you will have to salute to it. By not being an American you will have to bow and salute to it. James Truslow Adams quoted,” Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according ability or achievement” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. By following the rule you will have to doo all three things. You will have to follow the rule to become an American because it apart of signing the paper. The paper helps by letting us know who would be reliable of showing respect to the rule. If you’re not showing respect, following the rule or being trustworthy. Then you will get put in jail for signing the paper saying that you will uphold it. To be an American you have to be trusted by the Americans or any time you disrespect the rule, they will tell the ruler of the rule. You need to be trustworthy because no one is going to stand over you and make sure you are doing what you are suppose to be doing. No one