What Does It Take To Be A Successful Online Learner

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What does it take to be a successful online learner? It takes a person whom is proactive self-motivated learning style, time management skills, Basic computer skills, High-speed internet connection. Arrange for computer access in advance, you need regular access to a computer that meets technical requirements for participating in online courses. Establish good study habits and stick to them, dedicate time each week to participate, study, and complete course work. An online education, offers flexibility but it requires discipline and strong time management skills. Be mindful of work deadlines, travel, and other commitments when setting aside time for your courses. Online classes can fit in a busy schedule. Online courses are more flexible. But just because you do not have to go to the class room at a certain time does not mean you do not need to dedicate time to your class work. Interact with your classmates; share your perspectives and experiences with others, so that you can enhance course topics. Participation demonstrates your mastery of the subject matter and promotes community with your peers. Stay engaged with your lessons, instructors, and classmates. You may not have a lot of time to devote to school work each day, but make a habit of checking-in on a regular basis to look at new content, discussion posts, and announcements. Over time, this will help you manage the workload and get the most out of online learning. Raise questions as the arise don’t wait until an assignment is due or past due to ask questions, report technical problems, misunderstandings, or other barriers to completing course work on time. Why I feel online learning is the logical or correct choice for me at this time? My need to take these courses is high. Motivation is a key factor in success. The more you care about what you are doing, the more engaged you will be. And when you are more engaged you will participate and, consequently, learn more. I am a recent graduate of Virginia College on ground in Biloxi Mississippi with an associate’s degree in Business Administration.