What Does It Take To Make It To The Top?

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What does it take to make it to the top? It takes everything really all that you can give, and sometimes even that isn’t enough. It takes courage, dedication, determination, practice, sacrifice and more. Countless sacrifices all made just for the chance to show the world what you’ve got. It is true that some people are born with a certain natural talent. Some social situations make life a bit simpler. But no one gets to the top easily. It may seem that everything is perfect up there, but this also is not true. Life is just as hard if not harder. But the few moments of bliss that are experienced when you catch that perfect video shot. These moments make all the time and sacrifice worth it and inspire some of us to spend our lives in search of them. Giving it all is what it takes. How this personally impacted me by this is how I loved going behind camera, filming actions scenes mostly any type of scenes. Mostly my strongest part is editing and making HD Graphics. For example filming our previous film called “Projected Safe Keep” I was behind camera the whole time making sure the shot was right, the sound, and the effect of the film, but your not done yet. You still have to edit the whole thing such has putting all the clips into one having all the video effects like a teleporter beam that people go inside. Plug its not easy to do a video. What this means to me? Perseverance. The drive to keep going. To push through the barriers of impossible. To break the cloud of