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Identity is who you are what makes you. ‘A Child called it’ was about David who was mentally and physically abused. He was starved and was abused by his instable, alcoholic mother. His mother played torturous games that almost left David nearly dead. He learned how to survive during the games she play. She does not call him a son, but a ‘it’. David’s bed was an old army cot in the basemen and his cloths were torn and uncleanness. In the heroic story ‘The outsiders’ Ponyboy can count on his brothers and hid friends. A gang of rich kids whose idea is to beating up ‘greaser’ like Ponyboy. Ponyboy has to keep up with his identity. He has to keep up with school and the gang. David was affected by his mother because he was abused mentally and physically. He could not eat he must do all of his chores and sometime he can eat leftover. David would have pass the 1st grade but his mother was not feeding him or letting him sleep. All he wanted was food and love from his parent. David dream of someone taking care of him and loving. David loneliness and fighting through his struggle, made him went though a lot when he was little. David’s teacher puts her hand on her nose and said someone smells. David mother also tells him to stay in front of the mirror and yell I’m a bad boy. She also try to burn him on a stove but the family came home and stop her. Ponyboy was affected by the gang because Ponyboy was always thinking he should be like Darry and become a greaser. Ponyboy also say some of the greaser smoke and he try it and now Ponyboy smoke cigarettes when he stress out or when he want to. Also Ponyboy want to…